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Elizabeth Weiss, artist and portrait painter of children and adults. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - Boulder, Colorado






In ancient China, as in many cultures throughout history, clothing was an expression of social status.  Commoners and  peasants wore lightly colored clothing of simple design.  By contrast, the upper class, including the Emperors and those of the court, wore elaborate headdresses and richly colored garments made of exquisite fabrics.

The traditional way of painting these Courtiers and Emperors was a very ‘flat’ style, very decorative, but cold. ...I wanted to paint their imagined likeness in that traditional way, but more realistically, thereby giving them humanity, where one can imagine the high degree of culture in their day to day lives, and see their incredible esthetic.

Size of originals:

24” x 36” vertical. Completed: August 10, 2010


Acrylic on canvas

Series of 5 Courtiers:
(Jade, Rose, Bronze, Gold, Amethyst) and The Emperor.

Giclées have been made:
2 sets of each: sizes are: 18 x 27 l/2”

Prices for originals:  $ 4,000 each.
Prices for giclées:    $ 450 each.


I have painted portraits of people from all walks of life. I believe they truly enjoy the experience. They react with surprise, enthusiasm and sometimes weep when they see the finished work. The children laugh with delight, and want to touch the portrait, that brings me great joy. People are infinitely fascinating to me, and I catch myself smiling when I paint them.

*   A portrait is a cherished family treasure for generations.

*   A portrait can be a most creative business gift.


 $ 2,500 for the standard 16x20 inch portrait size.
    Other sizes are available at varying costs.
 * Fees do not include framing, shipping or artist's travel
    expenses from Boulder, CO.


Artist Elizabeth Weiss

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Elizabeth Weiss
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Elizabeth Weiss, artist and portrait painter. oil, watercolor and acrylic portraits Beverly Hills, CA 90210; Boulder Colorado
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